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OCTOBER 2017    


This is the OLD version of the topics web site.

It has been archived here at

as it contains old tutorials and charts no longer included in the new build of the site. This site is no longer updated

If you wish me to include a picture you already show on your website, together with a link we can use from a copy of that picture to your Site or Blog, please get in touch (through the Contact address) and provide details.  If there is any special process used in the working of the picture which might be of interest to other readers, please let me know.  

The inclusion is totally free, and hopefully all those using this facility will get some benefit from more readers visiting their own site.  Topics has over 14,000 visitors a month with over a quarter of those from the USA, and a quarter from Europe, so please take advantage of this offer for world wide exposure.  

Work may be in any medium and should include some or all pencil.

- Coloured Pencil, Graphite, Pastel Pencil and Mixed Media with CP are accepted.

You don’t need to send me any image files - hopefully I will be able to take the image from your site, which I would only do with your permission.

If your site has copy protection, you may need to send me a file, but - be warned - this site does not copy protect images shown

Your picture should be your original work from your own reference. We don’t want any problems over copyright !

© All the work shown is copyright and must not be copied and/or displayed elsewhere without the direct approval of the named artists  ©

© Bill Twemlow.  ‘Flying Scot at Newcastle

Worked in Graphite

Bill was an associate of the Society of Equestrian Artists and had many horse studies in Graphite as well as portraits

on his site.  

Bill, sadly, passed away in June 2014

Website is still accessible

© Martina Newton   ‘Gemma’

Her first work in Coloured Pencil

20 x 30 cm

Other animal studies in pastels and graphite

Site :

© Bev Lewis  ‘Mother & Protector’


Bev is a Signature member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society and member of The Wildlife Artists Society International.

Other animal studies,  botanical studies and portraits in Coloured Pencil

Site :

© Robin Borrett

‘The Stone Summerhouse’

Coloured Pencil

Other animal studies, Landscapes

and portraits in Coloured Pencil and Graphite

Site :

© Susan Poole

Portrait of a Giraffe

17 ins x 21 ins

Coloured Pencil on Arches paper

Other animal studies

 in Coloured Pencil and Graphite

Susan is an elected full member of The Society of Graphic Fine Art (and won Best Work in Show in their 2014 Open Exhibition), a member of the international Pencil Art Society (and won third Best in Show in their 2013 exhibition), a signature member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society, and a member of the Animal Art Society (winning an annual award in 2012).   

Site :

© Deborah Holman

‘The Lady Lies’

Graphite Pencil

Deborah is heavily into Celtic myths and Legends and works in a wide variety of media.

Interesting work includes Coloured Pencil and Graphite

Site :

© Beverley Courtney


Coloured Pencil

This image was featured by Ann Kullberg in her site and is representative of the animal portraits Beverley completes

Site :

© Richard Childs

The Hope of Sepilok’ ( above)

Coloured Pencil

Richard was awarded the honour of Wildlife Artist of the Year 2008 for this picture.  Richard is an Engineer and cartoonist as well as an expert wildlife artist.

His web site gives more details on how this picture was made

Site :

© Kris Owen


Coloured Pencil

Kris has been working on pet and animal portraits for less than two years.  See how the pencil point makes fine detail possible for fur

Site :

© Judith Heilbronn-Crown

Batocera Rufomaculata on a fig tree’

Coloured Pencil

Judith shows most of her work on the UKCPS members gallery at

Animal Studies are perfect for pencil, the fine line of the pencil point makes for delicate and detailed images

© Pauline Longley


Coloured Pencil ( with treatment )

Pauline writes ‘This picture is done on Pastelbord and treated with zest-it.  After fixing I used matt varnish on the background and a heavy coat of gloss varnish on the bottles and let it run to give a texture to the bottles a bit like candle wax drips so the picture has become tactile’.

Pauline is a Silver Signature member of the UKCPS and has been using CP since 2006.  She also enjoys experimenting with other types of pencils and pens.  She runs a ‘Passion for Pencils’ workshop in Somerset with fellow member Bev Lewis.  

There are more examples of her work on her web site.

Site :


You are reminded that all the images on this site -

and that includes the pictures in this gallery -

are copyright of the named artists.

Those not identified by name are the work of Peter Weatherill

© Malcolm Cudmore

‘I can hear the grass grow’

Coloured Pencil on wooden panel

Malcolm is also an Executive Committee member of the UKCPS and edits the Society magazine - ‘Talking Point’

Malcolm enjoys a varied artistic life and also paints in oils and enjoys portraiture as well as more orthodox landscapes and still life studies.

Blog :

© Graham Brace

Hook Quay

A calm autumnal scene in Pembrokeshire by a professional landscape and seascape artist working in a mixture of media including coloured pencil, soft pastel and gouache.

Graham has a wonderful collection of paintings

( and prints available !) shown on his website

Website :

© Lesley Sharman

The Blue Door

Pure CP (Prismacolor/Coloursoft) on Derwent watercolour paper. Size: 37cm x 26cm.

Lesley is a Silver signature member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society and "Blue Door" won Best in Show at their Annual Open International Exhibition in 2013

Lesley shows a variety of subjects on her web site including work in black pencil and ink, and a number of portraits, landscapes and animal studies

Website :

© Gayle Mason

‘Irish Charm’

Coloured Pencil on Arches Hot Pressed W/C paper

Gayle is a very skilled animal artist working in Coloured Pencil, Acrylics and Pastel ( and a mixture of those)

She regularly demonstrates and works to commission.

See her website for more details

Website :

© Sharon Lomas

The Watcher

Coloured Pencil

Sharon’s website has a variety of subjects from celebrity portraits in graphite to animal studies, and a few more ‘adult’ images.

See her website for more details


© Lesley Crawford


Coloured Pencil

Lesley was a founder member of the UKCPS and tutors pencil and pastel from her home studio in Eastern Scotland

Her range of subjects includes animal studies, Flowers and landscapes as well as fantasy and Myth Magic and Mystery.         

Website :

©   Jenny Hill


( Dylan is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and was done in Derwent watercolour pencil with a watercolour wash for the background.)

Jenny enjoys encouraging students to create art in coloured pencil, pastel pencil and watercolour at her home in Hampshire, at the Cumberland Pencil Museum and aboard Fred Olsen cruise ships.   She has contributed several articles to Leisure Painter and has step-by-step projects on the Derwent website She has a doctorate in art and design history and is a member of the UK Coloured Pencil Society.

Website :

©   Liedia Van de Mortel

 Still Life

Coloured Pencil

Liedia is resident in Rotterdam from where she teaches workshops and courses from her Studio

There are a wide range of subjects shown on her website which has an English Version.

Website :



© Alan Jones 2011

Alan writes:

‘I have been in graphic design for all my life but never really have had a chance to draw especially with pencils until recently when a bout of flu at Christmas last year kept me up and I decided to do something constructive and get out the pencils and  pad! Since then I have not looked back’

Alan has a collection of his work on Facebook at

‘Day Dreaming Tiger’

Coloured Pencil

© Sue Clinker 2010

It can be found on Sue’s website:  

(Galleries .... Wildlife Pictures)  or

on her Blog:   

(Portrait Galleries .... Wildlife Gallery)  

Sue is an Associate Member of SOFA

( Society of Feline Artists )

and a Signature Member of the UKCPS


coloured pencils

(caran d' ache luminance 6901)

on Ampersand claybord

© 2011  Maria Villioti

Maria is resident in Greece and has a website

( in Greek but with translation available )

‘The Workout’

Coloured Pencil on Watercolour Paper

16 x 12 ins

© Brenda Bruckner 2010

Brenda is a resident of South Dakota USA and runs a working ranch with her husband.  

She is a member of the CPSA and also an Associate member of The Women Artists of the West.

Brenda’s website has a number of Coloured Pencil and Graphite Pencil examples of Equine art

‘The Swan King’

Coloured Pencil on  Strathmore Pastel Paper

8.5 x 11 ins

© Marie Louise Mottram 2011

Marie Louise lives in Nottingham in the UK and enjoys a variety of subjects from pet portraits

to landscapes with a touch of the fantasy about them.

A regular contributor to the columns of Scribbletalk, Marie has just started up a blog and includes step by steps of her work. Marie undertakes commissions.


Caran d’Ache Supracolor and Pablo Coloured Pencil on Winsor & Newton 200gsm cartridge paper

Size 40 x 60 cm

© Susan Brinkmann 2012

British born Susan has been resident in the Netherlands since childhood, and trained as a professional artist in Holland.

Subject choices include Portraits, animal studies and landscapes.

Susan also works and spends time in Crete and the Greek Islands where she also exhibits work.

She writes :’I specialize in portraits of animals and people, but also make pictures of Greece.

I studied art, have a teaching degree and occasionally give workshops and courses.

You can see some of my recent work on

and some less recent work on

Susan undertakes commissions


Background FC Albrecht Durer Watercolour pencils laid down dry and wet with brush to blend colour.  The leaves, branches and birds were completed with FC Polychromos oil based dry pencils

Size approx 11ins x 14 ins

Stonehenge paper

© Lin Goodwin

Lin has a gallery of images at

Self Portrait

in Albrecht Durer W/Coloured Pencil

© Adolfo Fernandez Rodriguez

Adolfo is based in Spain and has been painting

( self taught ) for 40 years

This picture is on a fine grained 370gsm, Gvarro

watercolour paper

A collection of images are shown at:


Faber Castell Polychromos Pencil

on Canson Illustration Board

70 x 50 cm

 © Goodevans-designs 2013

 Gareth Evans is a resident of Manchester in the UK.  

He took a ‘break’ from drawing for 20 years before rediscovering his mojo in 2013

Gareth’s website features a variety of subjects from more design led images to ‘edgy’ portraits.



Approx 40 x 30cm

Pure Coloured Pencil

Derwent Studio pencils

on Bristol Board

Diana Hudson, a semi professional artist for many years, specialising,  but not exclusively,  in pet portraits in coloured pencil and watercolour. Diana only discovered colour pencils at Christmas 2013 and by March was delighted to have won Best in Show at the UKCPS Kendal Exhibition with this picture.

 Rue de l’Echaudé

drawn in April 2014.  

Size is 41 x 56 cm.

100% coloured pencils on Pescia paper.  (Own reference photo).

 Julie Podstolski lives in Western Australia.  She studied Fine Arts (majoring in painting) at Canterbury University, New Zealand, graduating in 1980.  

She has been a full time artist all her life.  For the past 20 years she has worked exclusively in coloured pencils.  

Every two years she holds a solo exhibition.  This year’s exhibition ‘Life is Beautiful’: Fremantle Kyoto Paris will be held in Perth in September.  

Her website is   

She keeps a blog where she writes once per week on art in general and coloured pencils in particular.

Peter L Nelson

‘Rolling Breaker’ © 2014

Awarded Reserve Best in Show at the 2014 UKCPS 13th Annual Open International Exhibition in Birmingham.

Pure Coloured Pencil

Using only coloured pencils, from the Derwent Coloursoft, Artist and Studio ranges, on lightweight picture backing paper and measures 64 x 20cm.

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Pictures shown here  all include an element of work in pencil.

This may be pure Coloured Pencil,  Pastel Pencil,  Graphite Pencil, A mixture of some or all of these, or pencil with other media  (such as Watercolour Soft Pastel or Acrylic)

Cindy Wider

Top image - A Shoe Well Travelled

Graphite  - a study on Arches paper

Lower image

King of the Land

Graphite and charcoal on Arches paper

Cindy runs drawing courses over the Internet to students worldwide with a team of accredited tutors

For more information see

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