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IN THE MEANTIME…… If you wish to have a look at what we have in this new design of the web site, Check out the CONTENTS page which has a brief summary of what each page contains and also contains links directly to all the pages within the new site.
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October 28th/29th target for site transfer
Welcome to the New PENCIL TOPICS The home of a wide range of coloured pencil based information
The Coloured Pencil Topics web site has existed for ten years in one form or another. It was originally hosted by Yahoo and had around 20 pages It then developed and was re-designed using Serif software and moved to our present host at ‘One.com’. With 100 pages and then just over 200 pages it became known in the amateur art world, as a resource for beginners and intermediate students wanting to know more about Coloured Pencils. Visitor numbers grew week by week until at the start of 2017 we were seeing over 1500 individual visitors a DAY looking at an average of 2.5 pages each and an average reading time of around 5 minutes with some folk staying for an hour or more ! NOT BAD FOR A WEB SITE THAT HAS NEVER BEEN ADVERTISED
In early 2017 we discovered that our Serif software which we used to build and revise the site, was no longer sold and obviously had a limited future life.   This started a search for alternative software to write the site with and we found the Xara software which has been used to totally re-design the site pages that you are looking at, so that the site can be more easily read by tablet software as well as larger computers.  The site is not ideal for mobile phones as there is so much information to cram into a page.  For an ideal mobile phone screen view, the best we can offer is for you to read the pages in landscape mode. 60% of our readers read the site through an IPad, with an overall 75% using a tablet computer and this is the best format to read the site on a mobile computer.
The whole site has been reviewed and several sections dropped ( for lack of reader interest ). Many topics have been updated as at September/October 2017. Some new pages are in the process of being completed - particularly on pencil handling and pencil comparisons - which seem to have a lot of interest. In a few days time there will be a big switch over. THIS  SITE  will become the main site you see at www.penciltopics.co.uk THE OLD SITE which is at present showing there, will move over to this address at  www.colouredpenciltopics.co.uk  where it will become the archived edition of the site but will not have any further updating.  I am doing this to preserve some of the charts and exercises that have had little readership but for which there could still be a demand.  I am dropping approximately 50 pages from the old site in this new design. The current plan is to do the switch over during the weekend of October 28th /29th If you have been directed to this page and this site by a Google search during October then please note you will see the old site at this address after the end of this month. As at September 30th over 1500 visitors a day go the the old Topics address around 50 a day log on to this address. I am hoping that everyone will get used to this new set up fairly quickly. HOWEVER, to encourage the various search engines to get used to the new form of the main site, the old site will disappear for a few days, leaving just this version. There will be just these new pages available at the  www.penciltopics.co.uk  address. but don’t worry, the old site will be back in it’s new slot before too long.
Last revision Tuesday October 10th 2017