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Van Gogh brand pencils

With Bruynzeel, they are part of the Japanese Sakura Group

Manufacturing was in Holland but it is more than possible that this has now been outsourced to other parts of the Sakura Group of companies.  Certainly stocks have been intermittent in the UK over the past few years and stockists still report some lines as not available, which would indicate possible import from the far East.

A good quality pencil of medium softness, wax based, with the advantage that all colours  are lightfast to the American ASTMS 6901 standard.

The full set comes in 60 colours and singles were available until recently. I believe that single pencil import to the UK has now ceased and only sets are now available ( August 2010 )

These are a reasonably priced pencil of good quality, and though the maximum of 60 colours is possibly due to the problems of achieving good lightfastness, this will make the actual selection of colours rather more limited than other brands who supply up to 120 colours.

However, the lightfastness benefit is worth considering if they can be found

The Royal Talens website is at     www.talens.com

Trinity Arts in Pittenweem, Scotland are the importers, and for a while they were not listed on their web site, but I see ( August 2010 ) that full details of pencil setsare listed on their web site       


Also in July 2009 the following site listed Van Gogh pencils with a colour chart

http://www.paintworks.biz/  and In August 2010 they listed the Van Gogh sets in their PDF catalogue under the link


If you wish to try out the Van Gogh pencils, and singles are no longer available, then you will be limited to the smallest 12 pencil set.

If I get any up to date information I will post it below.

The possible reduced availability of one of the few coloured pencil brands manufactured to ASTMS  6901 ( Lightfast ) will be regretted by Coloured Pencil Enthusiasts as the news from the USA is that Sanford have withdrawn their lightfast Prismacolor line since moving manufacture to Mexico.  This leaves Caran d’Ache Luminance as the surviving brand meeting ASTMS 6901 and available as single pencils

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